Garden Spot Café and Catering

Welcome to Garden Spot Café & Catering!

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Born in Austin in 1982, Garden Spot Café & Catering is proud to be an Austin landmark. We are an Austin-owned business and we enjoy the connection that we have developed with the people of Austin over the years. Click here if you'd like to read about the Garden Spot Café and its history.

We offer an eclectic, relaxing atmosphere with excellent food for your lunchtime dining experience. Our Café offers high quality meats and cheeses, the freshest produce and numerous original sauces to compliment our remarkable sandwiches and wraps. We also have a variety of delicious soups and salads that will keep you coming back for more!

Catering to groups of 10 to 400, meat lovers, vegetarians, chocolate, pasta and salad lovers, our diverse kitchen skills offers you infinite options.

Whether you come visit the Café or have us cater for you, our unique culinary options reflect the diverse flavors and trends of the Austin area that are sure to please you and your guests!

“Garden Spot Team: Thank you for making my lunch break so relaxing. You guys are hilarious and fill me in on all kinds of news… I especially look forward to seeing what you’re creating each week with the Pink Plate Specials. Keep them coming!”


“I have to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed the sandwich I just bought at Garden Spot and I want to say thanks!!! That is probably the best sandwich I’ve tasted since I left Vermont.”

Dana B.