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Assorted Cheese Tray - Cubed Swiss, Monterrey Jack, and Cheddar Cheeses served with assorted crackers.


Homemade Garden Spot Salsa and Tortilla Chips
(Serves 25-30)


Mini-Croissants Platter - Assorted turkey, ham, roast beef, and chicken salad. Something for every taste!


Beef or Chicken Satay - Skewered meats with our own marinade and homemade peanut sauce.


7-Layer Fiesta Dip - This is Rona’s family recipe - Served with tortilla chips. Incredibly good!
 (Serves 25-30)


Appetizer Meat Balls - Your choice of Swedish, Teriyaki, or Barbeque


Chili Cheese Dip  - Served with tortilla chips and homemade salsa.
(Serves 25-30)


Southwest Party Pinwheels - Rolled spinach and jalapeño tortillas stuffed with layers of our special cream cheeses, sliced meats, and veggies.
(minimum 30)


Pesto Spread - Layered cream cheese, basil pesto, and toasted pine nuts attractively presented with crackers.
(Serves 25-30)


Stuffed Deviled Eggs - Our own delicious recipe.
(minimum 30)